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Company today

Agust coffee has managed to grow from strength to strength broadening its reach across the UK and satisfying thousand of customers and businesses from cafes to hotels. Now in our six year of presence in the UK, Agust is recognised as one of the strongest coffee brand in the UK. The Agust coffee will also be available in selected London Espresso branches due to open in the near future in places such as Maidstone in Kent due to the high demand of espresso coffee in the southern part of England . Also due is the project involving our development in the northern part of England, in the Northampton area.


Originated in northern Italy, Brescia to be precise the Agust Company has exceeded expectations and has become a household name in the Coffee Market. Now over half a century before it started off, Agust is distributing and exporting goods worldwide to locations such as United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, France, Romania, Germany, Here in the UK our coffee is distributed by “London Espresso” a firm known for its sales and repairs of espresso machines.

Professionalism and Technology

Only by connecting tradition and experience with modern technology is it possible to obtain an excellent result. In our firm the roast is still made with traditional techniques, slowly, but with computerised control machinery to guarantee the precision in production and constancy in our product. In coffee mixtures, you can often observe a lack of homogeneity in ripe coffee-beans, it is shown by different tonalities which can confer unpleasant tasting defects. That's the reason why we use an optical electronic selection procedure, where every coffee-bean is examined in colour and, if it's not fit, it's rejected.

Customer Service

Everyone of our sellers and agents is a technically prepared consultant competent in solving every problem connected with espresso coffee. With our workshop and our technicians specialised in maintenance of coffee machines, we can assure rapid and punctual assistance. Please contact us for more information regarding the nearest customer care service in your country.